Hardcast Foil-Grip 1404-181BFX Mastic Sealant Tape

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Unit of Measure:
Roll (3" x 100ft)

HARDCAST FOIL-GRIP 1404-181BFX is a UL 181B-FX listed pressures sensitive rolled mastic sealant tape. The FOIL-GRIP 1404-181BFX has superior tack for instant grab strength to galvanized metal, flex duct, PVC coated pipe, and PVC coated ductwork for an immediate airtight bond. The foil facer/butyl adhesive composite provides excellent UV resistance coupled with outstanding water resistance. The easy tear provides a fast installation for airtight seals on above and below grade ductwork applications. The innovative Hardcast Foil-Grip 1404-181BFX exceeds building code requirements while providing enhanced performance, environmental safety and an easier application.

Additional features include:

  • Improved tack provides enhanced grip and adhesion
  • Outstanding water resistance
  • Quick-and-easy application
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Provides an airtight seal
  • Ideal for above- and below-grade ductwork
  • Superior performance in cold weather application

Product Dimensions:

Width: 3 inches

Length: 100 feet

Foil-Grip 1404-181BFX is a true zero VOC duct sealant and is LEED® certified.


Unit of Measure:
Roll (3" x 100ft)

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