Instructional Videos from Buy Insulation

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Installation Instructions Video

  • Shows our Professional Insulator Kit (Suit, Mask, Glasses, and Gloves)
  • Shows Pipe Insulation Accessory Items you may want to add to your cart
    • ASJ Max Tape
    • PVC Vinyl Tape
    • King Tacks
    • Dexter Knife (1376HB)
    • TIK-C585 Pipe Caliper
  • Explains Copper vs. Iron Pipe
  • Demo of The Insulation King's TIK-C585 Pipe Caliper
  • Ways to properly measure your "pipe size".
  • Explaining our complimentary Butt Strip Tape (1 piece / 3ft section)
  • Installing Owens Corning ASJ Max Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
  • Installing a PVC 90 Degree Elbow Cover

How to Measure a Pipe's Pipe Size with a Pipe Caliper

  • Explains how to use The Insulation King's TIK-C585 Pipe Caliper
    • Measures both Copper and Iron Pipe Sizes

How to Install Aluminum Cut & Rolled Jacketing and Elbow Covers

  • Explains different types of jacketing and fitting covers
  • Shows how to install aluminum jacket with fab straps
  • Shows how to install aluminum 90 Elbow Cover

How to Install PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing on Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

How to Insulate a Tee with a PVC Tee/Valve Fitting Cover

  • Shows how to properly install a PVC Tee/Valve Fitting Cover on an insulated pipe

How to Insulate a Valve with a Removable Valve Wrap Cover

How to Install a PVC Union Cover

How to Carve Out Fiberglass Pipe Insulation to Fit Over a Pipe Union

How to Prevent a Pipe from Freezing with a Pipe Heating Cable and Fiberglass Pipe Insulation