Owens Corning Foamular JointSealR Tape

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Price: $46.50
Unit Of Measure:
Roll (3.5" Wide x 90ft Long) or Case (8 rolls)

Owens Corning Foamular JointSealR Tape is a tape for insulation seams and is used to seal the joints of FOAMULAR extruded polystyrene (XPS) board in vertical wall applications as continuous insulation over steel or wood wall framing, or as masonry cavity wall insulation. The durable backing, coated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive offers excellent adhesion, strength, handleability, and flexibility.  JointSealR Foam Joint Tape will move along with building materials as they flex and adjust to the change in seasons, allowing it to stay in place and not create gaps in the weather barrier.


• Wall insulation tape enhances the thermal and moisture resistance of buildings by minimizing intrusion of unconditioned, moisture laden air into the wall assembly

• Foamular adhesive tape provides a secondary layer of external moisture resistance behind the cladding to protect the building

• Offers a secondary layer of weatherization protection when used with FOAMULAR® XPS by complying with AC-71, ASTM 2178 and ASTM 2357.

• Key component in ResidentialComplete™ and CommercialComplete™ Wall Systems

35% thicker than residential only rated tape (9.9mil compared to 6.5mil)

 65% more adhesion to foam board than residential-only rated insulation board tape (4.11 lbs/in compared to 1.5 lbs/in)


WIDTH: 3.5"

LENGTH: 90ft


* Insulation board tape can be applied at all temperatures! (0°F to 120°F)
* Can handle operation temperatures of -40°F to 160°F
Read About JointSealR and FlashSealR Tape Comparisons to the Competition




Per Roll = $46.50
Per Case (8rls) = $336 ($42/roll)
*Call for Volume Pricing on Larger Projects: 888-367-8931

Unit Of Measure:
Roll (3.5" Wide x 90ft Long) or Case (8 rolls)
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    Best Tape for Vapor Barrier install

    Posted by Yariv on 9th Feb 2023

    Best Tape for Vapor Barrier install , we use it to tape the vapor barrier to foundation and it doesnt come off

  • 5
    The right product shipped fast

    Posted by Jason C. on 5th Jul 2021

    Jobs go better with the correct products. Couldnt find anything local that was appropriate, flashing tapes do not stick to foam well. This was the right product, and it was at my door less than 24 hours after ordering. Exceptional service, would order again.

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Mike R. on 10th Feb 2021

    I bought this to seal 2 inch Fomular XPS Sheets in my basement. It is easy to use and apply. It is a bit expensive but worth it in my opinion to do the job right!

  • 5

    Posted by Robert S. on 4th May 2020

    Great tape super sticky. Only downside is the price.

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    Very sticky

    Posted by Bert B. on 11th Nov 2019

    Tape is very sticky and adheres well to the foam panel, and everything else. I wanted tape specifically designed to stick to foam, not some general purpose tape. I used the tape to seal my new addition from water and air penetration into the house. Finish the job right with this tape. Tape was in stock and shipped next day. Great service.

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    Expensive But Worth It

    Posted by Paul G. on 22nd Jul 2019

    This tape has amazing adhesion qualities when used with the rigid Foamular boards. It also has an elasticity to it which allows you to apply a positive tension to all the joints that are being taped for a tight seal between all joints (the split backing paper makes this easy by allowing you to first adhere the tape to one sheet, then apply tension when applying to the adjoining sheet). This stuff is not cheap but I’m glad I used it, couldn’t imagine getting the same results without it, definitely worth the extra money...

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    In Stock - Quick Ship

    Posted by Ned T. on 7th Nov 2018

    I could only find this tape at a couple online stores and this is the ONLY one that had the rolls in stock and they shipped it out within the hour! Say what you want about the price this tape works great and I am very happy I used it.

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    Really sticky tape

    Posted by Dan R. on 3rd Aug 2018

    I couldn't find the proper tape at my local big box hardware store. This was about the only place I could order one roll. I sure am glad I did. This tape holds incredibly well. It is well worth the money to hold foam insulation together. I will probably have some left over and am already thinking of what I can use it for. Its better than duct tape...maybe for a bug-out bag.

    *Dan, I love the idea of including JointSealR tape in your bug-out bag (hopefully you never have to use it!) ~ BIP

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    great product but expensive

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jul 2018

    Great adhesive and the backer is split in half making it easier to apply on corners. Expensive and single sourced.

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    Super sticky!

    Posted by Chad on 24th Jul 2017

    Pros: Great product for sealing foam board I installed in my basement. The write tool for the job.

    Cons: Price is steep. And I wish they wouldn't have used packing peanuts for shipping, as the foam peanuts got stuck all around the edges of the tape rolls.

    *Chad, we try our best to pack these rolls up so they do not get damaged during shipping. We will reconsider use of the peanuts with these rolls. ~ BIP

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    Super for XPS rigid insulation

    Posted by Mark E. on 1st Jul 2017

    We are building a 1,700 sq/ft house using 2" of Kingspan XPS type IV 25psi rigid insulation that Lowes sells. We bought a roll of Tyvek house wrap tape to try and it might be ok, but you can peel it off pretty easily and it's probably not meant for XPS. Brand new, it barely sticks good enough and I was concerned about it coming loose later. Based on other reviews, I bought 12 rolls of the Jointsealr. As the specs claim, it is a little stretchy once the backer is pulled off. Not much, but I do believe it will give some if you have the joints near the middle of the tape so each side has good coverage (and grip). I put some on a scrap piece of XPS and let it set until the next day. With the scrap hanging down (about a 2sq/ft piece), you can yank it all around by the tape and the tape doesn't start to come off. You can pull it off with your hands, but it takes far more effort than will ever happen behind the siding or brick. The adhesive is slightly gooey and seems like it will only stick better as it gets into the insulation. The extra width is going to be helpful on outside corners where the sheets are lapped. I'm very happy with this tape except for the price.

    *Mark, I am very happy to hear that our JointSealR XPS Tape worked as well as you had hoped! Thanks for such a thorough review! ~ BIP

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    Pay the extra dollars

    Posted by Rob on 6th May 2015

    After installing ridged insulation on unfinished basement walls with Great Stuff Wall and Floor, I proceeded to tape off the seams with Tyvek tape as you see recommended all over the internet. I even rolled the tape with a wallpaper seam roller to get the best possible bond of the tape to the foam board.

    There was a small section that I decided to re-tape. Expecting the Tyvek tape to be well bonded, I prepared myself to have to pick off little pieces of tape because of a good solid bond. What I found in fact was that the Tyvek tape peeled off very easily. So easily in fact that I found it alarming. The bond was fairly week.

    At that point I decided to go with the recommended JointsealR tape. Yes it was more expensive, but the bond of the Tyvek just didn't cut it for long term sealing of the seams.

    After receiving the JointSealR tape, I proceeded to remove all of the Tyvek tape from the 900 sq ft basement walls. I had every piece of Tyvek Tape removed in 5 minutes time. It just peeled right off.

    The first thing different I noticed about the JointsealR tape, was that it was about twice the width of the Tyvek. Also, the tape itself is very, very, stretchy. The other thing you notice about the JointSealR, is the paper backing it comes on. Once peeling off the paper and applying the JointSealR, you immediately realize just how sticky the glue is. Once the JointSealR tape is applied to the ridged insulation and rolled, it does not come off. The bond is at least twice as strong as the Tyvek tape and maybe even greater.

    The simple truth of the matter is, for sealing ridged foam seams, you cannot even compare the Tyvek tape to the JointsealR tape. One tape is specifically designed for the job, has a superior glue, expands and contracts, and is clearly the correct tape to use for a long lasting job... JointsealR Tape.

    The other tape is a another purpose tape, has inferior glue, is narrower and does not easily expand and contract and is clearly a tape used for a corner cutting, get the job done and save a few bucks job.

    The JointsealR tape is not just overpriced hype. It is the real deal and I highly recommend those that want to do the job right and have it last for decades, instead of a couple of years, buy and use the JointsealR tape. The tape that was obviously designed specifically for the job at hand.