We offer a wide variety of different tapes used in the mechanical and residential insulation fields. Our mechanical insulation tapes include:

ASJ which stands for All-Service Jacket.  In recent years a plastic film has been added to the top of the ASJ to make in more durable and less susceptible to staining.  This new ASJ is named ASJ Max (Owens Corning), ASJ+ (Knauf), or ASJ Ultra (Johns Manville).  On our site we refer this tape as ASJ Max.  ASJ Tape is used with fiberglass pipe insulation as well as ASJ faced fiberglass board and any other insulation faced with ASJ jacket.

FSK which stands for Foil, Skrim, Kraft.  So the bottom layer is Kraft paper with skrim (fiberglass strands) reinforcement for strength and Foil shiny appearance on the top layer.  You may also see this tape referred to as FRK which is Foil, Reinforcement, Kraft (same as FSK).  FSK tape is used on FSK faced fiberglass duct wrap and FSK faced fiberglass board.

Other tape categories include XPS Extruded Polystyrene Board Joint Tapes, Pipe Identification Labels, and other HVAC Tapes.

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