Hepa Vacs & Equipment

There are two main types of air filtration equipment used during an Asbestos Removal project and these are HEPA Vacuums and Air-Scrubbers / Negative Pressure machines. Here at Buy Insulation Products, we carry both of these HEPA products for use on asbestos job sites.

HEPA Vacuums for asbestos are specially designed 99.9% HEPA filter canisters used during and at the end of every asbestos removal project to vacuum asbestos fibers and dust.

Negative Air Machines also referred to as "Air-Scrubbers" are high powered fans that contain 3 steps of filters within the system.  The fan is turned on to suck air out of a containment area and exhaust to the exterior of the building.  This "suction" caused a negative pressure on the room which prevents lighter than air fibers and particles from escaping the containment area.  Any fibers that are sucked up in the HEPA negative air machine are filtered through a large HEPA filter and 2 pre-filters pads/ring panels.

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