Fiberglass Acoustic Panels

Fiberglass Acoustic Panels are by far the most popular and cost-efficient sound insulation materials for building high quality professional Acoustic Wall Panels and Bass Traps. We sell two different densities of fiberglass sound insulation panels (3# and 6#) and a various assortment of thicknesses from 1" thick to 4" thick.  The most popular fiberglass acoustic sound board insulation core is the Owens Corning 703 2" thick which has an impressive NRC coefficient of 1.00. We also offer Johns Manville Spin-Glass 814 noise insulation panels with an FRK Facing, which is a reinforced foil paper facing which some prefer for bass trap applications where high frequency absorption is not wanted.  You may also be interested in Mineralwool Acoustic Panels for your acoustic sound insulation project.

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