Insulator Favorites

Insulator Favorites are approximately a dozen or so top selling pipe insulation tools on our site. Because we list so many industrial insulation supplies on our site we thought it would be beneficial to make a list of the top favorite insulator tools and put them in one category. If you don't see the tool you are looking for keep searching through our numerous tool categories.

Top 5 Insulating Tools For Industrial and Commercial Insulation:

Dexter Russell 1376HB Ham Boning Knife: Ask any mechanical insulator and the most commonly used tool is their knife.  A popular choice is the Dexter 1376HB which is a 6" long straight blade which is flexible for carving and digging out fiberglass insulation.  The rigid version Dexter 1376 is a close 2nd favorite.

N95 Dust Masks: Protecting our lungs from fibers is a must and the 3M N95 Dust Masks come in two versions: 3M 8210 - Standard Mask or the 3M 8511 which has an exhaust valve.

TIK-C585 Pipe Caliper: A must have tool for every pipe related tradesman, a pipe caliper helps insulators quickly and efficiently identify pipe sizes (both copper and iron) when placing their pipe insulation orders.

Carborundum Sharpening Stone: Keeping that Dexter Russell knife sharp is a must and the best tool for doing the job is the 14" long Carborundum Sharpening Stone.  This sharpener will be in every insulator's bag.

Rubber/PVC Glue Guns and Brush Tips: There is nothing worse than having to apply rubber glue or PVC Permaweld with a standard brush.  Using either the red plastic or black metal adhesive guns allow even application of the adhesive to the surface and keeps the adhesive from drying out early.  Add the black gun tip brush as an insulator's must have.



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