Acoustic Panel Fabrics

The acoustic panel fabric that you choose to cover your DIY Soundproof Panels, Cloud, or Bass Trap is one of the most important parts of your DIY build. Yes, we know that the fiberglass or mineralwool core is actually the most important part and provides all of the absorption properties but you won't be staring at the fiberglass panel for those late night recording sessions. You will be gazing at the acoustic fabric material, so hopefully you make the right choice of sound proof fabric type and color. Guilford of Maine acoustic panel fabrics are the preferred acoustic fabric material for professional panels for a number of reasons.

1. Fire Rated (ASTM E84 Class 1 / A)

2. Acoustically Transparent

3. Made in the USA!

4. Vast Color Options (FR701 has 60+ Colors!)

5. Superior Fabric Quality (Doesn't Fade, Sag, or Pull)

We offer high-quality acoustical wall fabrics as well as the necessary accessories to create your own sound panels. Shop our selection of acoustic wall panel fabric below or contact our team for assistance!

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