HVAC Tapes

HVAC Tapes include both FSK and Foil Tapes.  FSK Tape is similar to foil tape however it includes a kraft paper backing with a layer of fiberglass reinforcement.  The main difference with applying these tapes is that Foil tape can be torn by hand while FSK tape must be cut with a knife.  Both tapes are used for FSK faced products including fiberglass duct wrap, fiberglass duct board, fire barrier duct wrap.  

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  • Foil Tape


    Foil Tape

    Smooth aluminum duct tape is available in widths of 3" or 4". Insulators use foil insulation ta

    Price: $15.81

  • FSK Tape


    FSK Tape

    FSK Tape is foil that that is reinforced with scrim for increased tear strength.  FSK is an acr

    Price: $12.98