Dexter Russell

Dexter Russell is an American cutlery manufacturer that dates all the way back to the year 1818.  Dexter's claim to fame is the company's proprietary American made steel blades which have been the insulator's knife of choice for the past century.  Dexter Russell produces over 1,000 unique style knives and accessories however Buy Insulation Products stocks and distributes the top dozen or so items most commonly used by insulators in the mechanical insulation field.  Most Dexter knives are manufactured in their Massachusetts factory which employs over 250 craftsmen.

Which knife is right for my project?  This is a common question which really has many sub-questions to get the right answer.  Are you an insulator or someone who uses a knife regularly?  If so, than Dexter Russell is the brand for you.  Their blades will last a very long time and their quality is tough to top.  Buy Insulation Products offers a wide range of types of blades and lengths for all applications.  If you are doing one insulation project and planning on never insulating again, then the Dexter Econo Insulator Knife is for you.  This is a price competitive yet quality knife which should find its usefulness for you many years.

Serrated Blade or Smooth Blade?  If you are using the knife to cut fiberglass pipe insulation either type will suffice.  Serrated Blades cannot be easily sharpened so we find their lifespan is shorter than a smooth blade which can be sharpened in the field with a Carborundum Sharpening Stone.



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