Owens Corning VaporWick Hula Skirt Kit

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Price: $60.00
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Per Kit (2 Strips, 3ft long)

Owens Corning VaporWick pipe insulation skirts are used to complete the VaporWick system on vertical pipe runs.  The most common "pooling" of condensate water occurs on vertical running pipelines where all of the water runs down the wicking material and into the bottom elbow.  The biggest factor in a job done well and a failing system is the use of Hulu Skirts.  Failure to follow Owens Corning's vertical pipe instructions can result in large issues.

Each VaporWick Hulu Skirt kit comes with a 6ft laminated wicking material perforated into the "hulu" shape, along with 2 perforated strips of adhesive tape (each strip 3ft long).


  • Owens Corning VaporWick Hulu Skirt Kits are required for all vertical pipes that are longer than 9ft, at least one Hulu Skirt should be applied towards the bottom of the pipe section.
  • One VaporWick Hulu Skirt must be used every 40ft of vertical piping including the bottom skirt before the final elbow.

Vaporwick System Accessory Items:
Owens Corning Vaporwick Wicking Material Rolls
Owens Corning Vaporwick 3" Wide Tape
Owens Corning Vaporwick Hula Skirt Kit

Unit Of Measure:
Per Kit (2 Strips, 3ft long)

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