Owens Corning Bild-R-Tape

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Price: $12.50
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Per Roll (2-3/8" Wide x 72yds Long)
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Owens Corning BILD-R-TAPE House Wrap Tape is an acrylic based, pressure sensitive adhesive tape combined with polypropylene film. Bild-R-Tape seals joints and seams to block out air and moisture infiltration. Bild-R-Tape is formulated to resist both mildew and mold growth. Bild-R-Tape has an outer film which resists UV damage as well as and weather exposure. Owens Corning Bild-R-Tape is designed to maintain its adhesive properties under high humidity conditions to provide a long lasting seal over Owens Corning house wrap products seams and general construction repairs.

Owens Corning BILD-R-TAPE Construction Tape is designed and engineered to secure seams of Owens Corning house wrap products and for general construction repair.  Owens Corning construction tape is the only tape specified for the Owens Corning TruWRAP®  and PinkWRAP® House Wrap systems! BILD-R-TAPE is the tape of choice for use on any woven polyolefin fabrics used for air and moisture control on the exterior sheathing of wood frame buildings.

Width:          2-3/8" Wide
Length:        72 yards (the longest standard roll in the market!)*
Thickness:   3.4 mil
*Dupont Tyvek® Tape is currently less than 55 yards long


  • Strong Adhesion: Acrylic Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Mildew & Mold Resistant
  • UV & Weather Coating Protection: Tape is covered with UV-resistant, polypropylene film coated with a specially formulated permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Extremely Flexible / Pliable: No Cracking when flexed at a 90° angle on an 1/8" rod at -10°C!
  • Superior Elongation: Tape can withstand major bending without breaking!


20+ Rolls = $11/rl ($1.50/rl Savings!)
40+ Rolls = $10/rl ($2.50/rl Savings!)


Unit Of Measure:
Per Roll (2-3/8" Wide x 72yds Long)
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    Bilt R Tape used to secure Owens Corning Garage Door insulation.

    Posted by James T. on 15th Apr 2019

    I used Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation on my two car garage door.

    The door does not have built-in sections to place the insulation in.

    After discussions with Owens Corning technical support staff it was suggested to use Bilt R Tape to hold the insulation in. The tape has a temperature range from -40 degrees to 160 degrees per Ownens Corning technical support.

    Our home is in Texas where summer temperatures can easily rise to 100 degrees. We installed the product in March 2019 and are waiting to see how effective the tape will be.

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    Tape for sealing house insulation

    Posted by Patrick G. on 12th Jan 2019

    When installing faced insulation in buildings it is very important to eliminate any gaps or breaks in the facing of the insulation.
    Insulation comes in two forms; with facing or without facing. Tape is used with insulation that is faced. The facing material is sturdy, and is glued to one side of the insulation. Owens sealing tape is formulated to adhere to the facing of the insulation.
    If there are any breaks or gaps in the insulation use the Owens Sealing tape to patch the opening in the insulation. For best insulation results recommend that all gaps and breaks in the insulation facing be taped.
    When the insulation is stabled attached by stapling on a 2 x 4 or 6 Owens tape works well for sealing over where the insulation joints meet. .
    Do not use duct tape or other tapes since they are not be compatible for adhering to insulation facing. Contact Insulation manufactures for best practices in applying faced insulation and recommendations for the use of sealing tapes .