Owens Corning VaporWick Wicking Material

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Price: $17.50
Unit Of Measure:
Per Roll (150ft Long)

Owens Corning wicking material is used to maintain the continuous wick throughout an Owens Corning Vaporwick pipe insulation system.  The wicking material is field applied to the last piece of Owens Corning Vaporwick fiberglass pipe insulation before an interuption in the system.  An interruption of the VaporWick system can be a flange, fitting (90s, 45s, Tees, etc), valve, or hanger insert.  The wicking material is applied to the bare pipe all around these interruptions before insulation is applied to these sections.  The wicking material is then adjoined into the next section of Owens Corning VaporWick pipe insulation's inner wicking material. 

Please note that the wicking material must be wrapped around the pipe at least 1" past the start of the next sections perforated holes to complete the system.

For example: Installing a 90 Deg Elbow cover:  Wrap the wicking material around the entire bare pipe of the 90 degree turn.  Make sure to wrap at least 1" past where the next section of Vaporwick pipe insulation's perforations start.  The inner wick of the next section must come in contact with the wicking material added for the elbow.  Install the fiberglass insulation and PVC cover as normal.

Roll Dimensions:
Width: 3"
Length: 150 ft

Vaporwick System Accessory Items:
Owens Corning Vaporwick Wicking Material Rolls
Owens Corning Vaporwick 3" Wide Tape
Owens Corning Vaporwick Hula Skirt Kit

Unit Of Measure:
Per Roll (150ft Long)

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