Owens Corning UtiliCore Fiberglass Inserts Blanket

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Unit of Measure:
Per Pack (2 pc - 12" wide x 5ft long)

Owens Corning UtiliCore Fiberglass Blanket Insulation Inserts are high temperature flexible insulation wraps.  UtiliCore insulation is used to insulate pipe fittings prior to installation of metal fitting covers (90s, 45s, Tees, etc).  Utilicore Blankets are also used to insulate pipe fittings for under Victaulic Fittings and Long Radius 90 Degree Elbow Covers which do not include fiberglass inserts.


  • Victaulic 45 Degree Elbow Covers
  • Victaulic 90 Degree Elbow Covers
  • Victaulic Tee Fitting Covers
  • Long Radius 90 Degree Elbow Covers
  • Aluminum 90 Degree Elbow Covers
  • Aluminum 45 Degree Elbow Covers
  • Aluminum Tee / Valve Fitting Covers


  1. Determine if you need to use one of the 1" thick blankets or if you need to double them up for one 2" thick blanket.
    1. When using on piping that has 1" or less thick pipe insulation, use only one of the 1" fiberglass blankets.
    2. For 1-1/2" and 2" thick pipe insulation, use both 1" blankets doubled up to provide enough thermal insulation for the fitting.
  2. Cut strips from the blanket to fit around the circumference of the pipe.
  3. Wrap the fiberglass strip around the pipe fitting so that all of the pipe is covered with insulation.  Multiple strips can be used on one pipe fitting if necessary.
  4. Once the fitting is fully insulated, install the PVC Fitting Cover over the insulation and use tacks, tape, or permaweld for closure.

UtliCore Fiberglass cuts easily with a knife and each blanket can make multiple pipe fitting inserts. 

Rated for Operating Temperatures of up to 1,000F


Thickness: 1"
Density: 2.5 lbs/cf
Width: 12"
Length: 5 ft
Rolls Per Pack: 2
*Please note that the two rolls can be used in conjunction to make 1 insert that is 2" thick.

Unit of Measure:
Per Pack (2 pc - 12" wide x 5ft long)