MetaCaulk Electrical Outlet Cover Guards

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Metacaulk Cover-Guards are single component fire-rated gaskets for use in electrical outlet boxes on fire-rated walls.  Cover-Guards are the quick and easy way to comply with the "24 Inch Rule".  Cover-Guards install easily and fit right behind metal or plastic outlet cover plates.  Cover-Guards come in both standard and decor style in both single and double gang outlet covers and double and single switch covers.

How To Install:
Metacaulk Cover-Guards fit under the cover plate and do not take up volume in the electrical box. Cover-Guards are a labor saving replacement for putty pads in normal applications.   Metacaulk Cover-Guards are acoustically tested to maintain an STC 54 rating. Tested in a UL 411 wall assembly/section to ASTM E90.

How They Work:
When exposed to heat, Metacaulk Cover-Guards expand (intumescent) forming a hard char that seals off the opening.  This expansion prevents the spread of smoke and flames along with minimizing the temperature rise on the unexposed wall surface.

Unit of Measure:

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