Metacaulk Box Guards - Electrical Box Fire-Rated Inserts

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Metacaulk Box Guards are highly intumescent, fire-rated pads for use in electrical boxes. When complying with the “24 inch rule”, the firestop box insert is placed on the inside back wall of an electrical box. When exposed to fire, the Metacaulk Box Guard will expand forming a char that will seal off the opening and prevent the spread of flames and limit the temperature rise on the unexposed surfaces. Firestop box inserts are a labor-saving, economical alternative to putty pads. Great for retrofit jobs. STC 53 Rating, Tested in a UL 411 wall assembly/section to ASTM E90. US Patent No. 6,207,085 & 6,252,167

*Electrical fire box inserts are available in both single and double electrical box sizes.

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