3M Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+

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Unit Of Measure:
10.1 oz Tube

3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP-25WB+ is a high-performance, latex-based, one Component, intumescent sealant that dries to form a monolithic firestop seal. 3M™ CP-25WB+ sealant also acts as a barrier to airborne sound transmission. As penetrants are exposed to fire, the distinctive intumescent property of this material allows 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP-25WB+ to expand and help maintain a firestop penetration seal for up to 4 hours. 3M fire caulk is designed to help control the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases before, during and after exposure to a fire when installed in accordance with a listed through-penetration or fire-resistive joint assembly system (STC-Rating of 54 when tested in a STC 54-rated wall assembly).


  • Firestop tested for through penetration applications up to 4 hours in accordance with ASTM E 814 (UL 1479)
  • Applied with conventional caulking equipment with excellent caulk rate
  • Sag-resistant properties offer clean application as well as strong adhesion
  • Water-based and paintable sealant provides easy application and clean-up
  • Sealant is re-enterable and repairable
  • Fire resistance tested for static construction joint systems in accordance with ASTM E 1966 (UL 2079)
  • Sealant helps minimize sound transfer

3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP-25WB+ firestops blank openings and penetrations passing through fire-rated wall, floor/ceiling, or floor assemblies and other fire-rated interior building construction. This halogen-free sealant is capable of expanding a minimum of 3 times its dried volume when exposed to temperatures above 1000°F. 3M engineered this sag-resistant sealant to exhibit strong adhesion to a full range of construction substrates and penetrants. Applied with conventional caulking equipment, this gun-grade sealant offers an excellent caulk rate, no mixing is required. In addition, this water-based sealant is paintable as well as re-enterable and repairable, offering easy application and clean-up.


  • HVAC ducts and vents
  • Insulated pipe
  • Metallic and non-metallic pipes
  • Blank openings
  • Single and bundled cables
  • Pipe and cable through-penetrations
  • Busways
  • Combos
  • Rated wall, floor and floor-ceiling assemblies
  • Static construction joints
Unit Of Measure:
10.1 oz Tube