Dexter Edge Sharpener

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The Dexter Edge-1 Knife sharpener is a must have for mechanical insulators and other tradesmen that use knives. This Dexter Russell knife sharpener delivers fast and easy razor-sharp touch-ups in just a few simple strokes. This durable hand-held sharpener features V-Shaped tungsten carbide cutting heads, protective handle grips for both right and left hand use, and finger and thumb guards for safe, comfortable operation. The Dexter Edge has tungsten carbide sharpening steel heads which are set in a precise V-shaped angle to produce the most efficient sharpening per stroke. The Dexter Russell knife sharpener - 3 or 4 strokes and it's sharp! *This tungsten carbide sharpener now features a new and improved rubberized handle for additional comfort. 


  • Lightweight and Compact Design Allows Easy Carrying/Storing
  • Can be used in Right or Left hand
  • Rubberized Handle prevents slippage during use
  • Quick Sharpening - Only 3-4 Strokes and your knife is razor sharp
  • Safe - Has a protective finger and thumb guards to prevent injury while sharpening.
  • Constructed of Styrene Hardened Plastic for heavy use.


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