Malco Model #24 Radius Dividers

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The Malco #24 Radius Divider is used as a simple sheet metal fabrication layout divider.  This Malco divider tool is popular in both the HVAC trade and the mechanical insulation trade.  Mechanical Insulators use sheet metal dividers to scribe circular shapes onto aluminum and stainless steel metal.  Once marked the insulator will then use snips and cut on the line.  The Malco #24 divider is great for fishmouth cuts, end cap fabrication, fabricated tee or valve covers, and much more!  

The Malco #24 Radius Divider is extremely accurate and can be adjusted quickly with the loosening and tightening of a single thumb screw.  The maximum diameter circle is 42". Points are easily resharpened or replaced. These Malco #24 dividers feature a nickel-plated steel body. Use your tape measure or ruler to determine the radius of these metal work dividers. Thumb screw securely locks dimension when set.

Replacement Points are available.

Unit Of Measure:

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