Fiberlock Wet Wrap 'N' Seal Asbestos Repair Rolls

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Unit of Measure:
5 Rolls (4" Wide x 9ft Long)

Fiberlock Serpi Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal rolls are recommended for repairs to deteriorating, crumbling, or damaged asbestos insulation.  Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal Pipe Repair Wrap can be applied prior to asbestos encapsulation with Rewettable Canvas Pipe Lagging and/or Fiberlock Lag-Kote Coating.  Fiberlock Serpi Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal is a permanent asbestos insulation repair system which can be applied quickly and easily.  Once dry, this rewettable pipe lagging permanently retains its strength, shape, and form.  Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal Asbestos Wrap can be spiraled around the damaged insulation to create a solid and secure casting prior to encapsulation.  Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal can be used in conjunction with Fiberlock ABC Fiberspray when sealing off ends and edges of asbestos pipe insulation.

Sold per Bag of 5 Rolls

Roll Size: 4" Wide x 9ft Long

*Also available in a 6" Width


  1. Put room temperature water into a clean 5 gallon pail or bucket. Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal Asbestos Wrap contains a plaster of paris and synthetic resin combination. Use of skin protection or gloves is recommended.
  2. Hold loosely and submerge one asbestos pipe wrap tape roll at a time into the water bucket for 5 seconds. Keep thumb under edge of Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal to avoid difficulty in finding starting end after squeezing.
  3. Remove and squeeze with twisting motion to wring out excess water, keeping thumbs under starting end.
  4. When applying overlap each layer by 50%. Smooth each overlap turn of Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal Pipe Repair Wrap into the layers below, molding carefully to the contour, forming a solid, well-fused covering.
  5. Apply Rewettable Canvas Pipe Lagging over the Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal once fully dried.
  6. For a clean and finished appearance, coat with Fiberlock Lag-Kote Coating.

WARNING: Asbestos is a health hazard.  Proper precautions should be taken at all times when working with or near asbestos containing materials including wearing a respirator and properly sealing off the work area from other parts of the building. *Do not over-order this pipe repair tape, as asbestos removal/encapsulating products are NOT eligible for returns or exchanges.


Unit of Measure:
5 Rolls (4" Wide x 9ft Long)
  • 4
    Repair rolls

    Posted by Evan C. on 11th Nov 2021

    Relatively smalls rolls are easy to work with and maneuver which is good since they dry up real quick.

  • 5
    Repair rolls

    Posted by Evan C. on 30th Oct 2021

    So far it is very easy to work with and dries fast and hard. I feel I am saving a lot of money doing this project myself.

  • 4
    Asbestos wrap

    Posted by Pippa B. on 5th Apr 2021

    Certainly does the job!

  • 5
    Worked as described

    Posted by City Life Lancaster on 10th Feb 2021

    Used rolls along with yards of lagging and Lag Kote II. Good to have all 3 items, depending on what areas you need to cover/reach. With these narrow roles, just be careful not to bunch together after dipping into water.

  • 5
    Fiberlock wet wrap n seal

    Posted by Leslie V. on 2nd Feb 2021

    Excellent. I bought some for our contractor and he was pleased with how easily it went on and how quickly it dried (2 min. he said). Looks like new. Literally. It does take quite a build out, so I am back ordering another batch, but it depends obviously on how damaged your pipes are. Excellent product. Affordable.

  • 5
    Repair rolls

    Posted by Eric C. on 18th Nov 2020


  • 5

    Posted by Timothy P. on 4th May 2020

    I am using this to cover / repair bad crumbling areas
    of my asbestos coated heat ducts before wrapping with the Rewettable Canvas Pipe Lagging. When this product hardens it feels pretty sturdy and then it's even stronger after wrapping with the canvas pipe lagging. I like this product but it is a little tricky for me to use because when I dip it in water to get it wet it takes on the consistency of wet toilet paper. I have had better luck with using shorter pieces and wrapping it around the duct dry and then wetting it down with a spray bottle.

  • 5
    Fiberlock wet wrap

    Posted by Robert W. on 17th Mar 2020

    Easy to use and get

  • 5
    Easy Peasy

    Posted by Thomas N. "Meat" on 3rd Dec 2019

    Easy to work with, just the right size for end coverage and sealing of
    gaps, cracks, and damaged areas. It's like wrapping a cast. Great!
    And shipping was so fast I thought maybe they were in my same city.
    Highly recommended.

  • 4
    Great first step

    Posted by Edward Z. on 4th Nov 2019

    Worked great with the Lag Kote. Easy to use. A little pricy for 5 rolls at basically $5/roll.

  • 5
    Wrap n' Seal Asbestos Repair Rolls.

    Posted by Kenneth M. on 1st Oct 2019

    These work great!! I had some damage to the lagging on a couple of pipes. After I got all my PPE on, I was able to easily cut and rewrap the damaged areas. It stayed right where I put and dried quickly. I then coated the dried wrap with Lag Kote II. Your company was the only place I could buy this in a practical quantity. Everyone else wanted me to buy a case which was expensive and I did not need that amount. Highly recommended!!

    *Kenneth, I am glad that your encapsulation project went as planned! Thanks for the great review~ BIP

  • 5
    E-Z Esbestos Encapsulation

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2019

    Great product , simple to use , good price

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