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Fiberlock Wet Wrap 'N' Seal Asbestos Repair Rolls

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Fiberlock Technologies
Unit of Measure:
5 Rolls (4" Wide x 9ft Long)

 Product Description

Fiberlock Serpi Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal rolls are recommended for repairs to deteriorating, crumbling, or damaged asbestos insulation.  Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal Pipe Repair Wrap can be applied prior to asbestos encapsulation with Rewettable Canvas Pipe Lagging and/or Fiberlock Lag-Kote Coating.  Fiberlock Serpi Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal is a permanent asbestos insulation repair system which can be applied quickly and easily.  Once dry, it permanently retains its strength, shape, and form. Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal Asbestos Wrap can be spiraled around the damaged insulation to create a solid and secure casting prior to encapsulation.

Sold per Bag of 5 Rolls

Roll Size: 4" Wide x 9ft Long


  1. Put room temperature water into a clean 5 gallon pail or bucket. Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal Asbestos Wrap contains a plaster of paris and synthetic resin combination. Use of skin protection or gloves is recommended.
  2. Hold loosely and submerge one Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal roll at a time into the water bucket for 5 seconds. Keep thumb under edge of Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal to avoid difficulty in finding starting end after squeezing.
  3. Remove and squeeze with twisting motion to wring out excess water, keeping thumbs under starting end.
  4. When applying overlap each layer by 50%. Smooth each overlap turn of Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal Pipe Repair Wrap into the layers below, molding carefully to the contour, forming a solid, well-fused covering.
  5. Apply Rewettable Canvas Pipe Lagging over the Wet-Wrap 'N' Seal once fully dried.
  6. For a clean and finished appearance, coat with Fiberlock Lag-Kote Coating.

WARNING: Asbestos is a health hazard.  Proper precautions should be taken at all times when working with or near asbestos containing materials including wearing a respirator and properly sealing off the work area from other parts of the building. *Do not over order this product as asbestos removal/encapsulating products are not eligible for returns or exchanges.


 Product Reviews

  1. Elderly Encapsulating Experience!

    Posted by Debra B. on 11th Nov 2018

    We are seniors and one of us is retired. We tackled this project together. After dressing up in designer goggles, respirator, gloves, jumpsuits, and plastic bags over the hats on our heads, and plastic drop cloth on the floor, we began! I cut the strips into 18" lengths to pass to my husband. The first one was very frustrating for him to handle alone... so was the 2nd. After arguing over nothing more but simple impatience, our technique was different but it worked exceptionally well. We fan-folded it (like wall paper) and secured the ends very well with our thumbs before submerging it in the pail of water for 5 seconds. After he squeezed out the excess water he would hold one end and pass the other end to me to hold and keep it straight and manageable enough for us to apply to the pipe... Voila!! We covered all the breaks-- especially the pipe bends of the asbestos insulation with great ease after that! We looked at our Masterpiece this morning which is magnificent! Now we're ready for the next step. We're applying the Rewettable Canvas Pipe Lagging next. We'll review when we complete it.

  2. Easy, fast, effective.

    Posted by Mary F. on 5th Nov 2018

    It was like putting a cast on my insulated (asbestos) pipes. The only problem I had was underestimating how much product to buy, so it took me two "installments."

  3. Easy to use and effective

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2018

    My cat had taken to walking on the asbestos covered pipes in my basement. She lost her balance and tore the asbestos open along a seam. I used the wrap to pull the asbestos together and to wrap the length of the pipe. As others have mentioned, don't try to cut the wrap when it is wet. If you need a shorter piece, cut it dry, roll it up and then dunk it in the water, keeping hold of the end. I've purchased more to wrap as many of the pipes as I can get to, for extra protection.

  4. Great Stuff - VERY easy to use

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2018

    We have 2 inch diameter pipes in basement wrapped with asbestos. Due to size, I used short lengths which made it easy to wrap with time left over to make sure the "plaster of paris" was smooth as well. It took only one short piece to get the hang of using this. Many pipe twists and turns required very short lengths and even a putty knife to push the wrap between a few very close pipes. The wrap handled all of this beautifully. I found myself thinking there must be some other items in the house I could wrap just for the fun of it. Don't hesitate to purchase this if you are in need of asbestos encapsulation wrap.

    *Thank you for the good tips and the recommendation of the Wet Wrap 'n' Seal ~ BIP

  5. Easy to use

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Sep 2018

    Very easy to use just like applying an ace bandage wrap

  6. Great stuff. I sleep better at night knowing this stuff is under wraps

    Posted by Brian P. on 7th Aug 2018

    Order arrived promptly. Instructions were good. Super easy to use.

  7. Simple to Use

    Posted by Jim D. on 31st Jan 2018

    Had some damaged pipe insulation to shore up on outside of pipe before ultimately covering with canvas pipe lagging. This product was easy to handle with getting wetted and rolled over damaged section. Was in short rolled up segments allowing for ease with effectively tapping it onto pipe similar to Using an ace bandage on a leg or ankle. Recommend not to over soak in bucket before removing and then squeezing out excess water from roll. Good manufacturers advice on use of thumb placed between end of roll and loose end before dunking it in a water bucket. Dries fast too.

  8. Best Ever

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2017

    Dries like a solid rock. Easy to use.

  9. Very impressed

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2017

    Who knew there was a safe way to encapsulate old insulation. We have a beautiful old victorian home with radiator heating. Pipes have the original insulation which works great but needed to be encased. Couldn't find a contractor so decided to try this out. Got the recommended respirator, suits and this product and gave it a go. It's not the most fun thing to do but is easy and works great. Followed the instructions and was very happy with the end result. You can cut pieces when dry to fit the smaller areas such as the ends.

  10. Excellent product, easy to use

    Posted by Virginia R. on 9th Jul 2017

    I purchased an old house which has a lot of asbestos covered pipe. Some places were is horrible condition. I purchased a 5 pack of this product to patch these areas, which were mostly on corners or where damaged by other activities in the house. For example where water had dripped on the pipe and the original wrap was disintegrating, and on a pipe under where a long time ago there was pipe and electrical repairs and looked like they kept banging into the wrap. Anyway, I wrapped these rough areas with this wrap and when dry the seal was very good. The product says tight and is hard when dry.

    This product is about 4" wide and meant to wrap around the area. But on the corners it is more complicated, so I cut shorter pieces and put them on one by one until the entire area was covered. I then added a piece wrapped around the ends to be sure it remained tight. I later overlapped this with the larger pipe wrap to wrap the entire pipe length.

    The trick is as mentioned in the directions to keep thumbs under the start of the wrap before you get it wet. It is a bit tedious to get to lay wide and flat as it is fairly thin and floppy when wet, but after working with it a few pieces it became easier. I didn't use a 5 gallon bucket, I actually used a shoe box size plastic container. It only takes a quick dip in the water to get wet. Also, when dry it was easy to cut with scissors or tear against a sharp edge of a counter. Don't try and cut it when wet.

    *Great advice on your install technique ~ BIP

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