Fiberlock Lag-Kote II Asbestos Encapsulant (2 Gallons)

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2 Gallon Pail

Fiberlock Lag-Kote II is a thick bridging sealant/encapsulant for asbestos that is specifically formulated for application over interior friable Asbestos Containing Material (ACM).  Fiberlock paint is ideally suited to encapsulate interior pipe lagging, boiler jackets, breeching and other components of heating and ventilation systems. Its thick body minimizes dripping, cleanup, and product waste while providing a smooth, washable, aesthetically superior finish that will provide years of protection. Lag-Kote II is a flexible asbestos encapsulation paint that can be applied over galvanized metal, wood, masonry or other sound surfaces to prevent the release of harmful asbestos fibers.

Application as Secondary Barrier to Rewettable Canvas Pipe Lagging:

After installing Rewettable Pipe Lagging Insulation over asbestos pipe insulation, please allow at least 48 hours for canvas to fully dry out and cure.  Use a brush or roller to coat all sides of the rewettable canvas with Fiberlock Lag-Kote asbestos encapsulation paint to make an additional barrier to prevent asbestos fibers from entering the air.  An optional second coat may be applied after allowing first coating of asbestos paint to dry (approx 8-16 hours).

**Fiberlock Lag-Kote II may be diluted with 10% water (stir well) to thin and stretch out the coating.  We recommend diluting Lag-Kote when used as a seal coat over Rewettable Canvas Pipe Lagging.


Unit of Measure: 2 Gallon Pail

Smooth Surfaces: 250-350 sq. ft. per 2 Gallon Pail*
Porous Surfaces: 150-200 sq. ft. per 2 Gallon Pail*
*In most cases one 2 Gallon Pail will be enough to cover a residential basement with asbestos pipe insulation.

WARNING: Asbestos is a health hazard.  Proper precautions should be taken at all times when working with or near asbestos containing materials including wearing a respirator and properly sealing off the work area from other parts of the building. *Do not over order this product as asbestos removal/encapsulating products are NOT eligible for returns or exchanges.


Unit of Measure:
2 Gallon Pail
  • 5
    Good product

    Posted by Richard M. on 3rd Apr 2024

    Coats the cloth lagging well, leaves a hard finish with one coat. One bucket does an entire basement. Application drips when applied over uneven legging, so a drop cloth is needed. The cloth lagging sold by these folks combined with Lag Kote II is a great combo.

    Shipping was quick.

    Richard~ Thank you for the great product reviews, we are happy that your project worked out well! ~ BIP

  • 4
    Encapsulant paint

    Posted by Evan C. on 16th Dec 2021

    The paint is easy to work with and when it dries it creates a plastic-like barrier over the re-wettable pipe lagging. Seems like a good product.

  • 5
    Thick and covers well

    Posted by City Life Lancaster on 10th Feb 2021

    Very thick = good. Followed instructions to dilute slightly. Went on well, with very little dripping. Used with yards of lagging and rolls of patching - but those products cant get all areas, especially hard-to-reach spots. Would purchase again.

  • 5
    Lag Kote II

    Posted by Jeffrey C. on 28th Feb 2020

    It worked very well.

  • 4
    Good Final Step

    Posted by Edward Z. on 4th Nov 2019

    Product works great - really liked having it with a high viscosity to be able to adjust as needed. Just wish you provided smaller quantities for smaller projects (eg 1 qt or gal size) .

    *Ed we wish it was available in a smaller size as well. ~BIP

  • 5
    Lag Kote II - Easy to use and assures a good seal.

    Posted by Kenneth M. on 1st Oct 2019

    I used this product along with the Wet Wrap 'n' Seal Asbestos Repair Rolls to fix some damaged lagging. I applied the Lag Kote II to the entire pipe after using the wrap on the damaged area. It went on easily with a brush and dried to a nice smooth coat. It is comforting to know everything is sealed in place. Highly recommended!!

  • 5
    Great finish for top notch professional look

    Posted by Chris C. on 12th Aug 2019

    This was super easy to use and we did not have to dilute it. The pipes were extremely dirty so some brown came through the first coat but 2 was sufficient for most. We did 3 to give it a truly professional and clean looking shine and we had plenty left over for another job. Very easy to use and moved quickly. We were working in a very humid basement but we still had good dry times

  • 5
    Really Great Product

    Posted by Steven S. on 30th Jun 2019

    This coating is great. It’s thick and gives a high “build” but absolutely stays where you put it. It doesn’t drip or run like conventional paints. The dried surface is smooth and it covers cloth pipe wrap very well. I’m painting hot water pipes that are likely containing asbestos. The pipes are hard to reach over head and quite dusty. This product covers it all and is s white as the wind-driven snow.

    After using the product, I didn’t mind that minimum purchase was 2 gallons. I’d have paid $90 for a quart if I’d known it would work as well as it does. I can’t imagine a better product unless it somehow applied itself!

    *Steven, thank you for the great review. We are working on that self-applying coating/ jk ~BIP

  • 2
    I have a feeling it's nothing more than a thick acrylic paint.

    Posted by Ralph S. on 4th Jun 2019

    The product want on pretty nice,but I have a feeling it's nothing more than a really thick acrylic paint.
    I wish it were sold by the gallon,since I had over a gallon of paint left over,and I put on two coats.
    They kinda have you over a barrel, since you need the stuff to finish the job right,so you're forced to buy extra product that you don't need.
    That's the reason I only gave two stars,since I resent being forced to buy more product than I'll ever need.

    *Ralph, we are sorry to hear you are upset with only being offered a 2 gallon pail. Unfortunately the Lag-Kote product is only available in 5 gallon or 2 gallon pails from Fiberlock. This is not just an “ordinary paint”; Lag-Kote is tested and meets all of the EPA requirements for the effective encapsulation and removal of ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials).

  • 5
    Great final coating to Insulation project

    Posted by Lisa on 16th Apr 2019

    We purchased this product to coat the lagging we had just installed. Its a great final coating, adding both sealing and strength to the project. The two gallon bucket easily covered our single family home basement with lots to spare. One coat is sufficient but two adds a finished look. We diluted with 10% water as the direction states and it made it easier to spread, we also used some straight out of the bucket for a thicker coat in a few tough areas. Definitely recommend using the repair, lagging and coating for a total encapsulation and a great finished appearance.

  • 5
    Excellent product, pipes look good and safe

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr 2019

    Easy to use. Excellent over the encapsulation wrap. I did two coats on my basement wrapped pipes. Good coverage and improves the appearance of the pipes. Excellent product.

  • 5
    Complete Encapsulation System

    Posted by William on 18th Jan 2019

    I first purchased the wet wrap and the rewettable cloth and wrapped all of my basement piping that was within reach. I was very happy with the results but it does take time. I am sure I could have stopped there but I opted to buy the lag kote to see how it worked out. I can honestly say that I am very happy to have took the extra effort and sealed up the cloth. It was going on thick so I read the instructions and diluted it a few times with water which stretched it out and made it easier to paint on. I can now say the pipes are fully encapsulated and won't be shedding anymore.

    *William, we never noted in our description to dilute with water like the instructions say. We will update this now for future customers. Thank you for the great review~ BIP