Resilmount A50R Drop Ceiling Spring Hanger

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20 units
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Resilmount A50R Drop Ceiling Spring Hangers are used to absorb sound vibrations in drop or suspended ceiling applications. Place one A50R sound isolation hanger at each ceiling suspension point. The A50R sound isolation hanger can be wired or hooked into at each end. This specific drop ceiling hanger (Red) can take a load of 65lbs each and performs better than the heavier rated hangers also available. A heavier rated hanger (Black/Blue) will under perform if installed in a lighter weight ceiling structure due to the use of more rigid and dense rubber.


  • Easily works with all hanger wire or hooks.
  • Easy installation into new or existing ceiling systems.
  • Acoustically tested for STC and IIC.
  • Does not reduce the load capacity of the ceiling system.
  • Suitably isolates the ceiling system from the structure to reduce structure and airborne noise.
  • Max Deflection: 3/16"
  • Load capacity: 65 lbs/hanger

*(48 States excludes Hawaii & Alaska)

*NOTE: To offer free shipping we require a minimum order of 20 drop ceiling hangers. We do however have no problem selling you less than 20 Spring Hangers, but you would have to call the order in and pay the small shipping cost.


Unit of Measure:

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