Resilmount A48R Angled Resilient Clip Bracket

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Resilmount A48R Angled Resilient Clip Brackets are a great utility clip that can be used in a wide ranging amount of applications.  A48R Clips have the same rubber mount as the A237R but has an angled metal bracket that has numerous screw holes.  The Resilmount A48R is similar to the MF-DC4 Bracket.

Common Applications:

  • Used as the hanger bracket for drop/suspended ceiling structures (in conjunction with A50R Spring Hangers)
  • Used to isolate a new wall in front of an existing wall.  Fasten the A48R bracket to the existing wall and then tie the new wall studs to the bracket.
  • Used as a vibration damping bracket for machinery and equipment
  • Used as isolation clip between studs in a stagger stud wall.
  • Used as isolation clip for in wall speaker boxes, projector anchors, garage door application etc.

*(48 States excludes Hawaii & Alaska)

*NOTE: To offer free shipping we require a minimum order of 20 Resilient Mount Clips.  We do however have no problem selling you less than 20 clips, but you would have to call the order in and pay the small shipping cost.


Unit of Measure:
Free Shipping