PVC Roof Drain Cover

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PVC Roof Drain Covers are installed over roof drain insulation to provide protection for the insulation and provide a neat and clean appearance.  Roof Drains typically have a collar or bell just below the roof deck that makes insulating with pipe insulation difficult due to the large outer diameter.  If left uninsulated the roof drain may condensate and/or freeze. 

Fiberglass duct wrap is used to insulate the drain body to provide thermal insulation as well as a vapor barrier (prevent condensation) (sold separately).  Once the drain is fully insulated the PVC Roof Drain Cover is installed over the insulation and sealed to the roof deck with white silicone caulk.  The PVC Drain Cover has a 1-1/2" flange lap for easy sealing to the roof deck (to be sealed with silicone caulk) and a flange for sealing to the drain pipe insulation.  The bottom part of the fitting cover has pipe diameter lines marked on the cover for easy field fabrication to the pipe insulation outer circumference.  The PVC Roof Drain Cover will fit drain pipe insulation up to 8 x 1 (10.75" in diameter).

PVC Roof Drain Cover Dimensions:
Base Diameter including flange:       19 inches
Base Diameter not included flange:  16 inches
Depth  of Bowl:                               5 inches
Bottom of Bowl Diameter:                12-3/4 inches

Fits pipe sizes of 2" to 8" with insulation of 1/2" to 1".

*PVC Roof Drain Covers are sold Without insulation. - Fiberglass Duct Wrap or Owens Corning Utilicor fiberglass inserts are recommended insulation materials (sold separately).

Unit Of Measure: