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PVC Y-Strainer Covers are specifically designed as a protective covering for Lateral Y-Strainers also referred to as "wye strainers" or "cleanout wyes".  Each PVC Y-Strainer Cover comes in 1 piece that is folded in half to make a complete PVC cover (1 piece fitting).  Y-Strainer covers do not come with a fiberglass insert, when insulating a Y-Strainer install pipe insulation on the two pipes first, then use the PVC Y-Strainer cover on top of the pipe insulation to create a neat and clean finished look.

Y-Strainer covers are sized the same as other PVC Fitting Covers (90°s, 45°s, Tees, etc).  Please click on the link below for sizing.  In addition each size listed has an Outside Diameter listed next to the PVC size for double checking.

NOTE: Y-Strainers do not come with a fiberglass insert.

Click on the link below for sizing:

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