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Per Pair (Two Piece Fitting)

PVC P-Trap Covers are premolded fitting covers designed to cover insulated drain P-traps to create a clean and professional look.  P-Traps that are exposed in parking garages and other parts of a building can be in highly visible areas and a PVC P-Trap cover can make the difference between a great insulation job and a sloppy one.  PVC P-Trap covers come in two opposite halves that can be installed with King Tacks, PVC Vinyl Tape, or Permaweld Adhesive.  

*All P-Trap Sizes Listed are Stock and Ship Same Day!


  • PVC P-Trap covers are sized based on both the "Pipe Size" and the Insulation Thickness.
  • Some P-Trap Covers will say "Reducer" next to the size.  This means that the ends will have a reducing cone which can be used to reduce the insulation thickness down from 2" to 1-1/2", 1", or 1/2".
    • For Example: a 5 x 2 (Reducer) will fit P-Traps on 5 x 1/2, 5 x 1, 5 x 1-1/2, and 5 x 2.

PVC P Trap Covers DO NOT come with a fiberglass wrap insert.  We recommend purchasing Fiberglass Inserts

*Looking for a Deep Seal P-Trap? Contact us for Pricing/Availability

Unit Of Measure:
Per Pair (Two Piece Fitting)

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