Furnace Cement (1 Gallon)

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Unit Of Measure:
1 Gallon

TIK Furnace Cement is a single part, extreme temperature refractory and retort cement used to repair and seal cracks, openings, seams, and joints encountered in furnaces, chimneys, fireboxes, flue pipes, stoves/ovens and many other refractory applications.  This high temperature furnace cement is designed and tested to withstand temperatures in excess of 2700°F.  TIK Furnace Cement is also classified as a medium duty furnace refractory mortar as per ASTM-C199, and possesses a PCE Value of 17-18.


  • Sealing joints and openings in medium duty refractory applications
  • Repairing seams and cracks in medium duty refractory applications
  • Suitable for use in applications where resistance to temperatures in excess of 2700°F is required

UOM: 1 Gallon Pail


  • Tested to ASTM-C199
  • Tested to ASTM-E136
  • PCE Value of 17-18 at 2700°F
  • V.O.C Content less than 1 g/l
  • LEED 2009 (EQ Credit 4.1): 1 point
  • NAHB Green Guidelines: 5 G.I. points
  • Complies to SCAQMD Rule #1168
    • OTC-Ozone Trans. Comm. CARB / BAAQMD
Unit Of Measure:
1 Gallon