Albion "Slip-On" Follow Plate (5 Gallon)

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Albion Follow Plate is used in conjunction with bulk loading guns (like our Green Glue 5 Gallon Pail Dispensing Gun).  The Follow Plate is pushed down during filling which pushes the material into the dispensing gun while the plunger is pulled back.  This process allows an easier fill of the gun and less mess.
The new Albion "Slip-On" Follow Plate is designed to increase efficiency and ease of use over traditional screw on follow plates.  The Slip-On feature is a nitrile gasketed fill ring that allows the bulk gun to be popped into the gasket rather than screwed.  This feature allows a quick transition onto and off of the Albion follow plate.

Traditional follow plates are screwed, so the bulk loading gun would have to be screwed onto and off the follow plate making the process cumbersome and messy.  The new "Slip-On" feature solves the biggest problem with using a follow plate.

48 States (Excluding Hawaii & Alaska)


  • Quick Push-On, Pull-Off Seal Feature. No Threading Required!
  • Fits all 2" diameter B-Line Bulk and Sausage Guns (models B12Bxx, B26Bxx, B12Sxx, B18Sxx, etc.) and Pro Professional Line (DL-45, DL-59, etc) Bulk Guns.
  • Use with 3 or 5 gallon pails, tapered, straight sided metal or plastic pails with maximum ID of 11-3/8" and minimum ID of 9-7/8".
  • Albion Follow Plate reduces the mess of bulk loading caulk from pails
  • Keeps gun barrel clean and prevents air from entering gun barrel during loading.
  • Steel plates sandwich a nitrile gasket that scrapes the inside of 3 or 5-gallon pail clean to reduce waste and keep air and job site debris out of bulk caulk.
  • Also fits pails of 3 gallon units of Sikaflex®-2c and MasterSeal®  NP 2™
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