FRK Paper (Pack of 12 Sheets)

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Price: $40.00
Unit Of Measure:
12 Sheets (23-1/2" x 47-1/2")

FRK Paper is a foil reinforced kraft paper that is used as a vapor barrier of fiberglass and mineralwool insulation rigid board products.  FRK is also known as FSK paper (Foil, Skrim, Kraft).  This is the exact same FSK insulation facing used by Owens Corning on their FRK faced products. 

Sold in a tube of 12 individual sheets cut just shy of a 2ft x 4ft panel.  Enough FSK paper for 12 panels / bass traps (2' x 4').

Dimensions: Each sheet is cut 23-1/2" x 47-1/2" to perfectly laminate the surface of a 2 x 4 fiberglass panel.

Lamination Instructions:

1.  Once you receive the tube, open and remove the 12 sheets of FSK paper.

2.  Keep all 12 sheets together and unroll, face the curl downards on a flat surface.

3.  Put heavy objects, books, weights, etc to help uncurl the sheets.

4.  Center 1 sheet per 2ft x 4ft fiberglass panel onto the surface of the plain fiberglass board.

5.  Fold half the paper up and spray the fiberglass board with spray adhesive (3M Super 77 is preferred)

6.  Slowly lay the FSK paper onto the adhesive, once it looks straight/wrinkle free, rub and smooth in with your hand.

7. Repeat sets 5 and 6 again for the 2nd half.


Reason for FRK Facing on Acoustic Bass Trap Panels:  Some acoustical engineers have done testing that shows that using FRK faced fiberglass or mineralwool board with the FRK facing the room will allow the panel to absorb lower frequencies while reflecting some of the mid to high frequencies to help "liven" up a room and prevent a "dead" sound.

Reason for FRK Facing on Acoustic Wall/Ceiling Panels:  Using the FRK on the backside of the panel (facing away from the room) makes a fiber free backed panel which allows easier fabric stapling/adhesion.  Using our FRK Facing sheets allows customers to convert regular FRK board (1 side FRK) to double sided FRK for certain projects.

For Use On our Plain Fiberglass Board Products

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Unit Of Measure:
12 Sheets (23-1/2" x 47-1/2")

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