Amcraft Orange Modified Shiplap Duct Board Tool

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The Orange duct board tool is a handheld shiplap cutter that is used to carve out a Modified Shiplap cut in fiberglass duct board. The Orange duct board shiplap shaper cutter is the primary tool used in the "Shiplap Method" of fiberglass duct fabrication. The Orange Tool is used for cuts #2, #3, and #4 (Use Black Tool for the first cut and the Blue Tool for the End Cut)

The Orange kerfing shiplap duct board tool can be ordered for 1" thick, 1-1/2" thick, or 2" thick Fiberglass Duct Board. 

Blade Thickness Options:

1" Thick Blade (2 Way)*

1-1/2" Thick Blade (2 Way)*

2" Thick Blade (LEFT Cut #3)**

2" Thick Blade (RIGHT Cut #2/4)**

*For 1" and 1-1/2" Blades we special order the "2 Way Blade" which is sharpened on both sides.  This allows only 1 Orange Tool to cut both the Left and Right Cuts by simply turning the tool around. (This option is not available in the 2" blade).

**For 2" Blades, you will need to order a Left (#3) and a Right (#2/4) cut tool.  If you order only a Left or a Right tool, you will have to turn the board to make cut #3.

Replacement Blades for the Orange Duct Board Tool are available for purchase.




Unit Of Measure: