Amcraft Blue End Cut Off Duct Board Tool

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The Blue Duct Board Tool is a handheld device used as the End Cut-Off Tool which finishes the edge of the fiberglass duct board in Cut #5.  The Blue duct board tool is unique in that it is four tools in one.  The blades of the blue tool can be adjusted and swapped out for any of the four cut off configurations needed (see below).  All blades are included with the duct fabrication tool.  The Blue Duct Board Tool is a necessary tool for both the "Shiplap Method" and the "V-Groove Method" duct board fabrication processes. 

Available in 1" thickness, 1-1/2" thickness, and 2" thickness.

Four End Cut Off Configurations:

  1. With Shiplap and Skinner
  2. With Shiplap without Skinner
  3. Without Shiplap with Skinner
  4. Without Shiplap without Skinner


**Replacement Blades for the Blue Tool are available for purchase.

Unit of Measure:
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    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Aug 2018

    I have a lot of experience with cutting duct board, and I have never used a blue tool. So hard to use, I tried several adjustments just so usable.

    *Sucks is a little harsh as most customers appreciate that this tool eliminates the need for 4 individual cutoff tools. The blue tool is the cut-off tool which can be adjusted to make one of four different types of end cuts. I think the confusion is that it is not made to be constantly adjusted between cuts. You should set it to the end cut you need and leave it set for your project. If you want to constantly adjust between cuts this tool is not setup to be constantly switched back and forth. ~ BIP