Self Sticking Insul Hangers (Bulk Box)

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Per Box (1,000 Pins)

Self Sticking Insul Hangers are used to fasten insulation material to walls and ceilings.  Self Sticking Insul Hangers have a steel base which is backed with a ready to use "Peel & Stick" foam adhesive for quick and easy install onto sheet metal.  The base is attached with a sharp pin which pierces the insulation.  A Self Locking Washer is then placed onto the pin to securely hold the insulation in place.  The excess pin length can then be trimmed with Channellock end cutters.

Pin Length: 1-5/8" or 2-1/2 inches
Base: 2" x 2" with "Peel & Stick" foam adhesive
Quantity: Box of 1,000
Material: Mild Steel (Galvanized)
Gauge: 12 ga


We offer a variety of washer options for use with Self Sticking Insul Hangers.

4 Easy Steps to Self Stick Insulation Pins

1 - Clean Surface

Make sure the work area is clean, dry, non-porous and free of all oil, film, rust, assure proper adhesion.

2-Peel Off Backing
Simply remove the release paper from the self-adhering base plate of these insulation fasteners.

3-Press in Place
Stick the hanger of these insulation fasteners on to the properly prepared suitable flat surface, using a firm direct pressure.

4-Install Insulation
No waiting required. Secure insulation immediately after properly applying the hanger. Recommended load per anchor: 3lbs

NOTE: Self Stick Insulation Pins need to be used in conjunction with Self Locking Washers (sold separately on site)

*Self Stick Insulation Fasteners work best on new/clean sheet metal. Perforated Pins should be used on older/painted ducts, or metal building roofs.
*Max Temp rating for the adhesive is 120°F

Unit Of Measure:
Per Box (1,000 Pins)
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    1000 stik pins

    Posted by Naomi C. on 3rd Aug 2021

    Why does washers not come with order, what good is the pins without the washer to hold it in place?

    *Hello Naomi, they do not come with washers because we have various shapes and sizes for lock washers as well as dome-caps. Also some insulators simply bend the pin head to hold the insulation in place without using a washer. I am sorry for the confusion; we try our best to explain they come sans washer ~BIP

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