Resilmount A24R Resilient Clip Joiner Bracket

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Resilmount A24R is an acoustic resilient mounting bracket designed for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in internal chase wall applications.  Using the Resilmount A24R bracket improves both the strength and rigidity of chase walls while allowing both walls to support each other and remaining completely acoustically isolated.

Resilmount A24R Resilient Joiner Bracket Features:

• The A24R bracket is a fully engineered component which is designed to improve wall strength and increase wall height  The Resilmount A24R bracket does this without compromising any acoustical properties of a chase wall installed in an acoustically sensitive environment.

• The A24R joiner bracket is heavy-duty and is specifically designed to absorb vibration while minimizing structure borne noise.

• The Resilmount A24R allows the increase of wall heights in acoustic chase wall applications by eliminating the need for extensive bracing and oversize steel members.

• The brackets of the A24R contain several fastening holes including 3/16” slotted holes.

• The A24R bracket ships as an fully assembled component making site assembly unncessary.

*(48 States excludes Hawaii & Alaska)

*NOTE: To offer free shipping we require a minimum order of 20 Resilient Mount Clips.  We do however have no problem selling you less than 20 clips, but you would have to call the order in and pay the small shipping cost.


Unit of Measure:

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