PVC 45° Deg Elbow Cover

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Each (with Fiberglass Insert)

PVC 45° Degree Elbow Covers are used to insulate 45 degree pipe elbows.  Each fitting comes with a sized fiberglass insert which is a die-cut fiberglass blanket.  The fiberglass insert is wrapped around the elbow ensuring that all of the pipe is covered by insulation.  The PVC pipe jacket is a premolded plastic one piece cover that fits around both ends of the fiberglass pipe insulation and overlaps on the inside seam.  The inside seam of the PVC pipe jacket can be closed one of three ways:

1.) Use serrated stainless steel King Tacks which are pressed through the overlapping pieces of the PVC pipe jacket and will hold them securely. (Steam, Hot Water, etc)
2.) Use PVC Vinyl Z-Tape to seal the fitting cover to the fiberglass pipe insulation. (Cold Water, Chilled Liquid, etc)
3.) Use Proto One PVC Adhesive to glue the seams of the fitting cover. (Exterior Piping, USDA, Washdown Area, etc)
*Tacks, Vinyl Tape, and Adhesive are sold separately.

*PVC 45° Elbow Covers are available in 13 high gloss Colors!

Click on the link below to view the PVC Sizing Charts to see which size PVC Fitting you need.  The PVC Fitting size is based on both the size of the pipe and the thickness of the insulation being used.


Click on the link below to see a photo tutorial on how to install PVC Fitting Covers.


Unit Of Measure:
Each (with Fiberglass Insert)
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    Posted by Ian on 18th Feb 2022

    Easy to use finishing touch for a professional look.

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    PVC 45 degree elbow cover

    Posted by DAVID W. on 1st Dec 2021

    I used this to cover bends in heating-cooling ducts in the ceiling of an un-heated tuck-under garage. They worked quite well for a single bend between two straight runs insulated with fiberglass sleeves. The runs were also enclosed with PVC wraps. They were more difficult to install where two 45 degree were used to create an offset because the bends were quite close together. I got it done with some cutting and use of quite a bit of PVC tape

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    easy install good results

    Posted by George R. on 28th Feb 2019

    Great product

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    Looks great!

    Posted by Todd M. on 7th Aug 2018

    The PVC pipe covers look so much neater and cleaner than the old method! Makes the basement room feel clean and finished. Quick and easy to install. I'll be purchasing more for the rest of the basement.

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    Cannot do without it

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2018

    These fitting covers fit properly and look good.

  • 3
    Did not fit right.

    Posted by Bernard on 1st Sep 2015

    I orderd a 45 degree elbow for 1 1/4 iron pipe #9.
    It did not fit right. #9 is also the same size for 1 inch pipe.
    This was a test fit so I will order a #10 which is for 1 1/2 pipe and hope that works better

    *Bernard, these PVC fittings are sized based on the outside diameter of the pipe insulation, 1-1/4 x 1 and 1 x 1 both have the same outside diameter (3.5"). A #10 will fit a 4" diameter so it will likely be too large. I will contact you to discuss further so we get you the correct sizes. ~ BIP