Aluminum Tee Covers

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Per Pair (Two Piece Fitting)

Aluminum Tee Pipe Covers are made up of two machine pressed matching halves that are used as a weatherproofing/mechanical abuse protection on insulated piping. Aluminum Pipe Covers are made of alloy aluminum in .024" thickness for superior mechanical abuse protection. The inside of both halves are coated with a moisture retarder film to prevent electrolytic degradation while the outside is clear coated to prevent exterior corrosion.  Easy installation includes screwing the two halves together over the insulated elbow (hot systems) or banding together (cold systems).  Aluminum tinted silicone caulk should be used to seal all joints. 

Aluminum Pipe Covers come in precise sizes to fit almost every type of pipe insulation. Aluminum Tee Pipe Covers use the same sizing as Aluminum 45 Degree Elbow Covers. See the link below for sizing charts. See the link below for sizing charts.


Aluminum Tee Covers do not come with insulation, for applications under 1,000F we recommend use of Owens Corning UtiliCore Fiberglass Insert Blanket.

For Larger Tee Sizes #10 - #16 Use Precision Cut Tees


Unit Of Measure:
Per Pair (Two Piece Fitting)