Childers Chil-Perm WB CP-35

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Per 1 Gallon Pail

Chil-Perm WB CP-35 is an effective, high performance, water based, vapor retarder coating designed for all interior and exterior, low temperature and some dual temperature applications. It is fast drying and forms a tough, flexible dry film which retards the flow of vapor through an insulation system. Chil-Perm vapor barrier mastic looks heavy but spreads easily. It can be applied in a relatively heavy film or brushed out into a thin, smooth film. 

Childers Chil-Perm WB CP-35 is effective on all types of thermal insulations in both cold and dual temperature service.  As a vapor retarder coating, it is safely used to vapor seal fittings, piping, and equipment insulated with mineral fiber, cellular glass, polyisocyanurate, polyurethane, polystyrene, phenolic, and even open cell polyethylene foams. It may also be used to seal the joints of foil faced boards and other factory vapor sealed insulation materials, (test before using for this application) as well as to seal punctures from pins and staples in vapor barrier facing materials.

NOTE: Chil-Perm WB CP-35 vapor barrier mastic is the specified mastic to be used in the Owens Corning Vaporwick system.

Unit Of Measure:
Per 1 Gallon Pail