No-Frame Fiberglass Edge Coating

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Quart or Gallon

NO-FRAME Edge Coating is applied to the perimeter edges of fiberglass acoustic panels to allow a "frameless" or "NO-FRAME" installation.  NO-FRAME Edge Coating can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto fiberglass panels to create a stiffened edge which allows fabric to be wrapped directly around the panel without a frame. NO-FRAME Edge Coating is a water-based penetrating fiberglass coating which gives off no VOCS and is easily cleaned with warm water and soap.


  • Saves labor and material costs wasted on building wooden frames
  • Lightweight finished product
  • No Sloppy / Squished corners
  • Easy Install with MetroFlex Impaling Clips
  • No VOCs
  • Maintains 25/50 Flame Smoke Rating of Fiberglass Board.
  • No noxious resin odors.
  • Easy Cleanup. (warm water & soap)


  1. Shake Can
  2. Stack acoustic panels on covered table (paper/plastic). A spacer can be used to separate panels.
  3. Lightly brush/roll fiberglass coating on all edges of panels. Double coat all four corners.
  4. Separate panels to prevent sticking during the drying process.
  5. Allow 48 hours to completely dry and harden (coating will turn clear once fully dried).
  6. Wash tools with soap and warm water. Avoid prolonged contact with skin.

Available in Quarts and Gallons


1 Quart  =   6 panels 2" (2'x4')
1 Gallon = 24 panels 2" (2'x4')

Customer Feedback:
1 Gallon = 15-17 panels 2" (2'x4')

*Coverage can vary depending on number of coatings and how heavy the coating is applied.


Unit of Measure:
Quart or Gallon
  • 5
    No-frame edge coating

    Posted by Frank on 4th Sep 2021

    Worked just as expected. I got 18 2x4 panels from a gallon. Saved a ton of money by making unframed panels…and they only weigh about 3.5 pounds. So light that we installed with command strips.

  • 2
    Not recommended

    Posted by Steven on 21st Aug 2021

    This product was pretty miserable. I am not a professional, so let me tell you what I wish I knew going in: This product is super thin - like water. Apparently it does not take near as much as you think. Do not use a brush - use a roller. However much you think you need order double. It takes a LONG time to dry. This product is EXPENSIVE. With lumber price how they are probably still cheaper than frames, but, even being a neophyte like I am, I would much rather build frames. For me, I will never use this product again. I added one star because it seems to work, so at least there is that, I guess, but you are not gonna be stapling into this or something so I am not really sure what most people are using this for. BIP was fine though, and shipping was fast and everything arrived as described.

    *Steven, we are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the No-Frame product. ~ BIP

  • 5
    No frame says it all

    Posted by Barton A. on 14th Aug 2021

    Super easy to apply and creates a rigid edge/side of your insulation panel - making the fabric wrapping the panel install really easy. the end product was exactly what I was hoping for

  • 2
    does not go as far...

    Posted by Barton A. on 8th May 2021

    They say one quart will cover the edges of 6 - 4x2 panels... I barely got past 2 panels. I am hoping the rigidity of the final dried product is as promoted and have ordered 2 gallons to cover the remaining 18 panels I have... so beware of the coverage estimates.

  • 4
    Does the job well

    Posted by Jennifer M. on 7th Jan 2021

    I applied this product to the ends and roughly a 2 inch perimeter on both front and back of a 703 Owens corning 2 x 4 - 1 inch thick panel. I had 12 panels and I needed 2 1/2 cans. I should have ordered or requested a larger quantity in the beginning but the product worked perfectly. In 48 hours the product hardened and I was able to make my acoustic panels with no frame. Only reason I gave 4 stars: I think for the price, it should have been a bit larger amount.

  • 3
    Good but not great.

    Posted by Doug L. on 9th Dec 2020

    This product does harden edges of compressed fiberglass panels. Its just not as efficient as it claims to be and still hardening the edges enough.

    It claims that one gallon will do 24 (2x4) panels. My first gallon only did 15 panels. I switched brushes with my second gallon and I was able to do 17 panels but the edges were not nearly hard enough. I cant imagine that a roller would be any better.

    *Doug, thank you for the informative feedback on the coverage. We will take this into consideration on adjusting the coverages listed on our site. ~ BIP

  • 5
    Better than anything else.

    Posted by Alex M. on 31st Jul 2020

    Prior to this, I was using resin, and I hated doing so. Too chemical-y. This does the trick for making my acoustic panels. Love!

  • 4
    Secures Rotofast Anchors in 703

    Posted by Rob T. on 11th May 2020

    I brush the coating on the backside of the fiberglass panel where I am going to install a rotofast anchor. I then coat the anchor itself prior to screwing into the insulation.

  • 5
    Works great!

    Posted by Gary L B. on 30th Jan 2020

    Nothing else I could find at the hardware store would do what this stuff does, this well, especially for the price. I rolled it on because I had so many panels but Im sure it would spread farther with a brush. Do not try to completely get the edges solid white when you are painting (dries clear) or you may run out. Just coat everything once and the corners twice and a quart should do 6 panels easy enough. Hardens nicely and it made it easy to pull the fabric tight and glue everything without messing up the edges, THANKS!

  • 4
    Works great once you figure out how to open lid!

    Posted by Gus F. on 29th Oct 2019

    Makes the edges and corners hard enough to not need a frame so the name is appropriate. The safety ring on the gallon bucket was hard to take off, I cant imagine the lid coming off in shipping. Pliers are required.

  • 5
    Nice and Hard (Thats what she said)

    Posted by Daniel K. on 22nd Aug 2019

    This product is amazing. I used it on Rockwool Safe & Sound, It hardens the edges really well. Though you would have to use more coating with Rockwool, since it is super flimsy. Owens Corning 703 uses less coating.

  • 4
    Works well

    Posted by Rick G. on 17th May 2019

    Works well for Owens Corning 703 panels but doesn’t go far. Using a small 2” roller I could only complete 2 2’x4’ panels. Pricey with shipping

    *Rick, the coverage of the coating varies depending on how heavy it is applied. A lighter first coat with a touch up 2nd coat will get you similar hardness with farther coverage. ~ BIP