MetroFlex Sound SealR Acoustic Blocking Sealant

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Unit Of Measure:
28 oz Tube
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Sound SealR is a high quality latex-based acoustic sealant compound used as an essential component in construction assemblies for achieving and maintaining the required STC rating as per IBC 1207.2 for air-borne sound. Sound SealR soundproofing caulk is to be applied to all joint seams of MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl including all perimeters. Sound SealR can also be applied at the top and bottom runners prior to installation of drywall, the outer edge perimeter joints, cut-outs, and utility penetrations to ensure the required STC is achieved or maintained.

Volume Pricing:
12+ Tubes Price is $8.75/tube

-  Joint seams of Mass Loaded Vinyl
-  Top and bottom runners prior to installation of drywall
-  Outer edge perimeter joints of drywall
-  Cut-outs and utility penetrations

1.  Clean debris and dry desired areas for application
2.  Cut nozzle extension to allow recommended 3/8" bead of soundproofing caulk
Drywall Assemblies:
3a.  Apply acoustic sealant to the underside of all runners at the ceiling and floor. All openings including cut-outs, perimeter joints, electrical boxes, and other areas where air-infiltration and sound transmission may occur.
Mass Loaded Vinyl Seams:
3b.  Apply bead of Sound SealR acoustic sealant at joints of two pieces of MLV if joint lands on the stud (recommended). If joint falls within the wall/ceiling cavity, apply bead between the overlap as well as the seam.  Use of MetroFlex SealR tape is also recommended to create the most air-tight seal.
4.  Use water or wet cloth to clean tools and excess sealant.

Each tube of soundproofing caulk is 28oz and covers approx 40 linear feet at a 3/8" bead

ASTM-C834  /  ASTM-E84 (Class A, 20/5) /  ASTM-E90  / IBC 1207.2  /  IBC 710.6  /   IBC 710.7  /  IBC 402.4.1  /  LEED Certified  /  SCAQMD #1168

Unit Of Measure:
28 oz Tube
  • 5
    Sound SealR for joints of mlv

    Posted by Kyle D. on 24th Feb 2021

    We used this caulking to seal all the joints of the mlv and around the boxes. Each tube goes a long way. Would recommend this caulk.

  • 5
    Sound Sealant

    Posted by Kevin R. on 15th Sep 2020

    Used the sound sealant on my ceiling edges and it was very easy to use and dried as a softer flexible seal as advertised.

  • 5
    Good Quality Caulk

    Posted by Benji T. on 28th Jan 2019

    Been using this sound caulk for a few years now. The low price is great since its a high quality sound caulk.