Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier

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Per Roll (4ft x 12.5ft)

Mass Loaded Vinyl is used as a barrier to block sound transmission in soundproofing applications such as soundproof walls, ceilings, and is very commonly used in sound studios, night clubs, and noisy apartments/condos. Soundproof vinyl can provide instant mass with sound barrier insulation to any location. In walls, ceilings, floors, on machinery, household appliances, around pipes, exterior fences, doors, as curtains to divide a room or over a window, and so on.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier Insulation 1/8" Thick (1 lb/sf) has an STC rating of 27 which almost performs better than a 2" x 4" wall with 5/8" drywall on each side of the wall.

Roll Size: 4 ft wide x 12.5 ft long (50 sf)

1.   Measure the height of the wall or length of ceiling and cut the soundproof vinyl into sections with a razor knife. Try to use as big a piece as possible to limit the number of joints.

2.   The width of the material is 48" which will cover 2 sections of 24" on center framing or 3 sections of 16" on center framing.

3.   Drape the section of MLV to be installed from the top of the wall and staple or hammer the MLV from the ceiling down to the floor making sure the soundproof vinyl is straight.(MetroFlex MLV Nails are recommended for the top of the wall and ceilings to hold the weight of the product)

4.   Seal all joints with MetroFlex Sound SealR Sealant in conjunction with MetroFlex SealR Tape

4a.  It is recommended to have all joints fall on a stud or ceiling joist. Add a bead of Sound SealR sealant to the small space between the sections of soundproof vinyl and smooth the bead out if necessary. Once the sealant is fully dry, add a strip of 4" wide SealR tape over the seam.

4b.  If the joint happens to fall within a wall or ceiling cavity, add a large bead of Sound SealR sealant between the overlapping sections along with second bead along the joint.  Use of MetroFlex SealR tape is highly recommended to help keep "in cavity" joints together and air-tight.

5.  Cut out for all electrical boxes and light switches and seal these joints with Sound SealR sealant. Use of sound blocking putty pads on the back of these boxes is highly recommended to as added sound barrier insulation.

6.  Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier can be left exposed or covered with drywall.

*NOTE: This product is plain, and does not have a reinforced foil facing on one side like similar products on our site.

*For Larger Quantities of MLV, please contact us by email or phone for volume pricing and less expensive shipping options.  Our standard rolls are 4ft x 25ft (100sf) via common carriers on pallets.  We ship MLV throughout all of the USA!


Unit Of Measure:
Per Roll (4ft x 12.5ft)
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    Metro flex mlv

    Posted by Glen K. on 8th Oct 2020

    Great quality, flexible, dense, no odor, works!

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    Works great. Can't ask for more.

    Posted by Dan S. on 19th Feb 2019

    The product is exactly what you expect. It shipped quick and was packaged well. Other places will ship MLV with no protection. This was shipped in a box. Works great and you get what you expect.