MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl Nails

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Price: $10.00
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Per Box (100 Nails)

MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl Nails are the preferred fastener for installing mass loaded vinyl on walls and ceilings.  MetroFlex MLV Nails are 1-1/2" long nails with a quad-cut sharp tip and thin washer head used to attach mass loaded vinyl on wood studs.  The wide washer head helps spread the weight of the mass loaded vinyl to help prevent tearing on ceiling and wall applications.  Standard drywall screws can cause small linear tears in the Mass Loaded Vinyl which can cause the MLV to fall off the wall/ceiling during installation or create small air penetrations in the sound barrier which allows sound transmission.

- 1-1/2" length
- Quad-Cut tip helps easily pierce mass loaded vinyl as well as wood
- 1" diameter head helps spread out the load and prevent material tears
- Made of high quality galvanized steel
- Proudly Made In The USA!

Sold in boxes of 100 MLV Nails of 1,000 Bulk Packs

Unit Of Measure:
Per Box (100 Nails)

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