Metacaulk STC Sound-Rated Putty Pad

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Metacaulk FRP Sound Rated Putty Pads stop the transmission of sound through electrical outlet receptacle boxes and light switch boxes.  Sound and Fire Rated Acoustical Putty Pads are commonly used in soundproofing a wall or ceiling to block the passage of sound waves through an electrical outlet or light switch box.  When soundproofing materials are used on or inside a wall structure, the electrical outlet boxes and light switch boxes are usually left untreated and become sound channels which greatly reduces the STC rating of the structure.  Metacaulk STC Sound-Rated Putty Pads when installed properly will maintain an STC sound rating of 60! (UL441 per ASTM E90) 

Metacaulk FRP Putty Pads are also used in firestop applications as well.  During a fire, the Metacaulk Putty Pads will expand into an insulating char (over 220° F) and fill the void in the wall to prevent the passage of smoke and fire. Just one intumescent putty pad will provide a 1 to 2 hour fire rating!  

You may also be interested in our Acoustical Outlet Xpanders which expand the depth of the electrical box in double layer drywall installations.  Use of Wall Plate Gasket Sound Seals is highly recommended in conjunction with Acoustical Putty Pads.


Quantity: 1 Pad
7" x 7"
Thickness: 1/8"
STC Rating: Up to STC 60* 
*(UL441 per ASTM E90) 
Fire Rating: 1 to 2 hours

*Check out Metacaulk Putty Pads sold in Cases of 20 Pads with Free Shipping!

Unit Of Measure:
Per Pad