K-Flex 320 Rubber Adhesive (Pint)

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K-Flex 320 Rubber Adhesive is a contact adhesive that is used primarily to seal joints and seams of rubber pipe insulation and rubber sheet insulation

K-FLEX 320 Industrial Rubber Adhesive is an amber-colored, fast drying neoprene contact adhesive that is ideal for bonding porous or non-porous material. This waterproof rubber adhesive has a thicker consistency, is not runny and can be applied with a brush or a roller.  K-FLEX 320 Rubber Adhesive is a reliable way to join seams and butt joints of elastomeric rubber pipe and sheet insulation. This insulation glue is ideal for bonding porous and non-porous materials, as it is not absorbed easily. Rubber bonding glue is suitable for line temperatures up to 220°F on applications requiring bonded seams and joints.  When the industrial rubber adhesive is applied to large flat or curved surfaces, it is suitable for temperatures up to 200°F.

UOM: Pint (Brush Top)

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