Dexter Econo Insulator Knife

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Price: $12.99
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Per Knife

We understand a good majority of our customers are not mechanical insulators whose #1 tool is an industrial knife.  For customers installing pipe insulation they need a good knife for their project without paying $25-$30 on the highest quality blade.

We now offer the Dexter Econo Series knives that offer a 6" long good quality blade with a plastic handle.  The White Handle Knife has a 6" long smooth blade, while the Black Handle version comes with a 6" serrated blade.  Both roofing insulation knives work well with our Fiberglass Pipe Insulation.


White Handle - 6" Smooth Blade*

Black Handle - 6" Serrated Blade

*The Dexter Edge Sharpener is a good accessory product for the White Handle - Smooth Blade version (not for use with Serrated Blades).

Unit Of Measure:
Per Knife

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