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1/4 Inch Bungee Cord cut into pieces of different lengths.  These cords are used to secure PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing while being sealed with Proto-One Adhesive.

1.  Buy rubber bungee cord and put first section of PVC Jacketing on the pipe insulation.
2.  Wrap Bungee Cord around section of PVC Jacketing.
3.  Tie Bungee Cord so that it is tight enough to hold the PVC Jacketing in place.
4.  Repeat steps 2 & 3 to make as many rubber bungee cords as needed for the project.
5.  Use Proto-One Adhesive to seal the laps and overlap sections.
6.  Once dry, slide bungees over to next section.
7.  Repeat steps 5 & 6, until project is finished.

1. See steps 1-4 above.
2. For 90s & 45s, use two 1/4 inch bungee cords, one on each mouth of the fittings.
3. Put bead of Proto-One on the edges of the PVC Jacketing where the fitting cover will be installed.
4. Carefully place PVC fitting cover into place.
5. Slide bungees over and place on the mouths of the fitting cover.
6. Untie bungees once dry.

1ft Cords fit up to  3.5 Jacketing and #9 Fitting Covers
2ft Cords fit up to  7.5 Jacketing and #17 Fitting Covers
3ft Cords fit up to  11.5 Jacketing and #21 Fitting Covers
4ft Cords fit up to  15.0 Jacketing and #24 Fitting Covers

*Please Note: when you buy bungee cords, they are cut off a master roll of bungee cord, so the ends are unfinished and the cords need to be tied in a knot to be installed.  They do not have hooks or other hardware attached at the ends.

Unit Of Measure:
Per Piece

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