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The Pushbar Tensioner tool is used to install aluminum and stainless steel fab-strap bands on piping and vessels. The insulation bander utilizes a pistol grip handle that evenly ratchets the pusher bar outward.


  1. Wrap the fab-strap around the pipe jacketing and slide the tail of the band through the bottom opening of the wing seal.
  2. Hand tighten the fab-strap and then insert the tail of the band (right next to the seal) into the head of the chrome pusher bar and under the holding dog shaft (rubber lever on side of tensioner).
  3. Pull the pistol grip to ratchet the pusher bar outward which will push on the seal to tighten the fab-strap.
  4. Once the fab-strap is tight, roll the front of the bander tool upwards away from the pipe, this will bend the tail of the banding to prevent slipping.
  5. Remove the tail from the banding tensioner bar and bend the tail backwards over the seal and then close the wings of the seal to hold in place.  You can now cut the band tail if excessively long.

*Note: Over tensioning will cause the seal or band to snap.  More tension is needed for larger diameter pipes/vessels.  In these cases you may need to use Stainless Steel Fab-Straps to allow more tension.

The Pusher Bar Tensioner is capable of adjusting banding from 3/8" up to 3/4" wide and band thicknesses of .015" up to .023".

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