Fire Blanket Stainless Steel Fab Straps

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1/2" Stainless Steel fab straps cut to size with seal for installation of Unifrax Fyrewrap Fire Blanket. 1 metal strap is required for each overlap of fire blanket as well as 1 strap required in the center of each piece of fire blanket (see installation instructions for more details). Each metal insulation strap is cut to size (27", 52", 65", 75", 99", 120", & 150") and comes with an attached stainless steel 1/2 seal for easy installation.

1. Put the metal strap around the Insulated Duct.
2. Pull the strap through the opening in the seal
3. Pull tight and bend the strap back over the seal
4. Close the 2 prongs to seal the strap and trim

20+ Straps = 10% Off
50+ Straps = 20% Off

Unit Of Measure:

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