Pipe Paint Vapor Sealing Mastic (Quart)

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The Insulation King's Pipe Paint is a water based vapor sealing mastic used to seal exposed fiberglass edges mainly on fiberglass pipe insulation.  Pipe Paint vapor barrier paint can be applied over FSK or ASJ facings to ensure a complete vapor barrier at seams/joints.  Pipe Paint applies easily with a brush and dries fully within a day.  Once painted, the fiberglass edges will become rigid and water resistant.

Vapor barrier paint is highly recommended on chilled and cold water piping to prevent condensation.


COLOR: White

SERVICE TEMPERATURE LIMITS: As low as -20°F up to 180°F

DRYING TIME: 4hr - to touch / 24hr - fully dry

WATER VAPOR PERMEANCE: (ASTM F 1249) 0.08 perms at 45 mils dry. Tested at 100°F and 50% RH.

Unit of Measure:

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