Clevis Hangers for Insulated Piping

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Price: $2.87
Minimum Purchase:
10 units
Unit Of Measure:

Clevis Hangers Pipe Supports are usually designed for non-insulated piping which can create havoc on a pipe insulation project. Clevis Hangers for Insulated Pipe are specifically designed to fit the OD (Outside Diameter) of the pipe insulation.  Clevis saddle pipe hangers should be used in conjunction with a Pipe Shield and pipe supports to prevent damage to the pipe insulation.

*Please note only select sizes are available, so if you do not see your clevis saddle pipe hanger size, please round up to the next size.  For example: Need 4" OD, order 4-1/2" Hanger.  *Please contact us with any sizing questions.

Clevis Hanger Metal: Galvanized Steel

*Does not come with threaded rod.


Unit Of Measure:

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