Gripnail PowerPoint Liner Weld Pins

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Unit Of Measure:
Per Pail (5,000 Pins)

Gripnail PowerPoint weld pins are used to fasten insulation to the inside of sheet metal air ducts. These duct liner fasteners are usually applied when the ductwork is being fabricated. The fasteners have been specifically designed to work with all currently available duct liners and standard resistance welding type application equipment.


Beveled Edge Cap
Prevents tearing of duct liner

Faster Welds
Forged diamond point design creates more electrical resistance for faster welds.

Better Plating
Zinc and Chromate plating exceeds SMACNA standards and gives a more professional appearance.

Reduced Down Time
Consistent point quality reduces frequency of machine adjustments.

Stronger Welds
Hardened steel point assures positive electrical contact for complete sheet to pin fusion.

Applied with Standard Equipment
Easily applied with Gripnail's Automatic Pin Welder or most standard hand held or hopper fed resistance welders.

Gripnail weld pins are manufactured with pride in the USA
To the highest possible quality control standards.

Unit Of Measure:
Per Pail (5,000 Pins)