Elastomeric Self-Adhesive Insulation Foam Tape

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Per Roll (2" Wide x 30ft Long)

Elastomeric Foam Insulation Tape is a convenient and easy-to-use product which complements the range of K-Flex rubber insulation sheeting and tubing products. It is a specially designed flexible, elastomeric insulation product. This elastomeric insulation tape is manufactured in 1/8" thickness by 2" width by 30’ length, with pressure sensitive adhesive for applying to hot or cold pipes and fittings. The factory-applied pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive adheres firmly and forms a long-lasting bond, while the closed-cell structure of the product provides good thermal and low moisture permeability properties.

Elastomeric Foam Insulation Tape is used to retard heat gain and prevent condensation or frost formation on cold water plumbing, chilled water, and refrigeration lines. It also reduces heat flow for hot water plumbing,liquid heating, and dual temperature piping. Self-adhesive insulation tape is ideal for insulating short runs of pipes or valves and fittings where it is impractical to install tubing insulation. The foam insulation tape can be applied in multiple wraps (thickness) to meet various service conditions.

Elastomeric Self-Adhesive Insulation Tape may be applied to all diameter pipes and tubes by spiral winding. Remove the release paper as the adhesive foam strip is spiral-wrapped around the pipe. Avoid stretching. Edges may be butted or overlapped.  The seams of this foam sticky tape are sealed with slight hand pressure. Surfaces to which self-adhesive insulation tape is to be applied must be dry and clean. For best results, apply at temperature above 40° F and not on heated surfaces.

Rubber Adhesive Tape is 1/8” thick, 2” wide and 30' long.


Unit Of Measure:
Per Roll (2" Wide x 30ft Long)
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    Excellent tape

    Posted by Timothy T. on 3rd Nov 2017

    I used this tape on all the tee’s and 90 degree bends on water pipes. It made it such a breeze and came out looking extremely professional. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product.